Play Space Design Services

Little Bee is partnering with Grace & Chaos Designs, a local interior design company, to bring inspired, child-friendly design services to your home. Love the bright décor at Little Bee? The cozy book nook and caregiver seating space? Let us help to create an inspired, custom designed space that takes into account form and function while meeting the emotional and educational needs of your child. A well designed play space makes for a happy and busy child.

Enlisting the expertise of Little Bee and Grace & Chaos can improve your child’s environment in the following ways.

Create an environment that fosters development and allows for the child to grow into the space as they age.

 Make the most of a small space with our assistance in providing unique storage ideas and incorporating inspired options for function within a small footprint.


 Organic Design- we can provide a design concept with eco-friendly materials and finishes, furniture and toys that make the environment that your child spends most of their time in, toxin-free.


Provide concept imagery and 3-d renderings upon request, of the proposed interior space, with the décor ideas incorporated, so you can visualize the finished product before implementation


Design the space to allow for certain areas of child development to thrive (book nook, pretend play areas, dress up areas, sensory play, etc.) and we will provide specifications for all materials, finishes and toys suggested to create the design.


Curated artwork or customized art selections, as dictated by the project needs, to stimulate your child’s imagination and development


Allow a certified early childhood expert to carefully select toys and play materials to fit your child’s age and interest, while also supporting them developmentally


 Furniture, paint colors, fixtures and décor selections to fit with existing components or help to find the design that best fits you and your child


Detailed space plans and directions for implementation or assistance with implementation as needed

Contact Mary at for details on our design services.

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