Treasure Trunk Theatre Classes

Act, move, create, and play – where will your imagination take you today?  Treasure Trunk Theatre is a theatrical arts program for children that explores drama through imagination. In each class the students will incorporate movement, music, theatre games, and visual arts to express themselves and connect with the world around them.

Imagination Adventure Class


In this class, children will go on a dramatic adventure that begins with the opening of the treasure trunk. The props and costumes inside the trunk provide the spark that inspires a story that we will create using our voices, bodies, and imaginations. Children will learn how to work together as an ensemble and explore the art of improvisation. This class provides a great way for children to begin incorporating dramatic arts into story telling. Every class is a new adventure!

Ages 3-5 years old

Story Drama Class

Each class begins with physical and vocal theatre warm ups that will get children ready for the day’s theatrical exploration. The warm ups focus on creating characters with our bodies and voices, sparking our imaginations, and working together as an ensemble. Favorite children’s stories will then start our dramatic adventures for the class. Students will have the ability to act and speak as the characters in the story, helping them gain confidence standing in front of their peers. Family and friends are invited to attend the final week of class. This is a drop-off class.

Ages 4-7 years old