Pinta & PlayTM I and II is a new and innovative Spanish -Art Program for toddlers and big kids where your children will be introduced and learn Spanish through the combination of different art projects, creative play time, team work, music, visual materials, dynamic group activities, circle time, storytelling, vocabulary and much more.


Your little one will be exposed to new cultural experiences!

Every week, we will work on a different theme related to the season and the room will be decorated to reflect that idea, reinforcing the subject of the week. The session also includes a specific routine during class that will prepare and connect your child for the next learning step at preschool where they continue developing their creativity, curiosity and social life.

Pinta & Play TM is designed to be the platform for these new experiences to be filled.

Pinta & Play I Wednesdays at 9:30am & 10:30am

Pinta & Play II Mondays at 3:15pm


Instructed by Miss Ale (Alejandra Sapirstein) Director and Founder of Pinta & Play TM