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"My daughter and I have been doing Pinta and Play for almost a year now. Ms. Ale is simply wonderful! She comes up with the most creative lessons and crafts ideas and I love that she's also getting exposure to Spanish. My daughter seems to love every session better than the last and I have to agree. I'm so glad we discovered Little Bee and this little gem of a class!"

- Erin

"Little Bee is a special place and we are happy to be a part of such a great community. It has been a safe and fun environment for our son since he was one and a half. We love the smaller class size and the fun teaching environment which is frequently updated. Mary does a great job keeping us up to date on what our son was interested in doing in class, which we appreciate! After almost a year of Little Bee, our son genuinely gets excited for class and is signed up for three days of Pre-K Prep this Fall. We think it's the perfect setting for him to prepare for Preschool next year. "

- Heather


My son started the Pre K Prep class at Little Bee when he was 2. Mary helped so much with the transition as this was his first drop off class and she catered specifically to his needs when there were tears for the first few weeks. The tears quickly dried. Little Bee is such an inviting and cozy place where children play, explore and learn at their own comfort level. I love the small class size and I think it helps to create a safe environment where I know my son is very comfortable. Mary is really caring and attentive to each child. She is also extremely creative and has new sensory bin ideas each week to keep little fingers and minds busy. I'm not ready for my son to move on, but I am looking forward to my younger son joining soon!

We love Little Bee! 

- Erin M.

"I first came upon Little Bee studio during their prenatal class series. Mary brought in great speakers to help first time parents learn about a variety of topics. The real fun began during Tummy Time class once my daughter, Emily, was born. Stepping out into Hoboken as a new mom can be quite overwhelming, and Little Bee was just what I needed. Mary always made us feel welcome.  The class was small enough where my daughter got a lot of attention and I was able to gain tools to help her develop necessary motor skills. What I am truly thankful for is the connections I made with the other moms at the studio.  I've have made some of my best mommy friends at Little Bee and I will always be grateful for the bond my daughter and I formed with other babies and their families at such an early age. Now, our kids all go to Baby Bandstand together and have a blast!  This is not just any ordinary music class. There is so much thought and purpose behind every activity and catchy song. Little Bee Learning Studio is a huge asset to the Hoboken community, and I know my daughter will benefit from Mary's creative and carefully planned classes for a long time!

 - Becky

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