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No-Cook Play-Dough Recipe

Play-dough is a great way to keep your toddler busy while also fostering their fine motor skills, social skills and imagination. Our favorite recipe comes from the blog The Imagination Tree.

Customizing the color by mixing food colors together can be a fun way to include your child in the process. Our favorite part of this play-dough is the extra soft texture that comes from kneading it with your hands.

Around the age of two and a half children are beginning to develop their imagination and engage more frequently in pretend play. Roll up your sleeves and grab some play-dough to play along with your toddler. You can help create imaginitave ideas to be crafted out of the dough such as making a pizza. When you incorporate a process along with the idea your child learns sequencing. It is also a time when you can foster language. Be sure to be verbal about what you are making. Your child will pick up on the language you use and model the objects you make. From there they will begin to develop their own ideas and creations! Not to mention we find squeezing play-dough and the sensory experience to be a great destressing activity for adults as well!

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