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Giving Up the Pacifier

If you have been trying to get your child to give up the pacifier this may be the right time of year. After recently talking with a woman from Norway I learned about a tradition they have regarding pacifiers in their country. When the children are getting too old to have a pacifier they "give" them away to Santa so he can give them to kids who need them. The children are part of the process and help to pick out a box and wrapping.

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas this idea is still a beautiful way to help your child move on from using a pacifier. If you do not want to send the pacifiers to Santa you can suggest to your child to give the pacifiers to a younger baby you know who will need them. Your child can still pick out a box and wrapping and help prepare the gift. Inlcuding your child in the process will make them feel they have control over the situation, which is something we all know children love to do- take control. Gently explain that after you give away the pacifiers there will not be any left to use in case your child asks for one later on. However, if your child willingly agrees to "give" them away he/she is probably ready to be without one.

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